Are prescription lenses available?
We do not create eyewear ready for prescription at this time. We also do not recommend substituting the lenses installed by us with prescription lenses.

How do I take care of my Boa Sunglasses?
An immense amount of care and craft goes into each pair of sunglasses, and thus should be treated with extreme care. Keep items in a safe place or the hard case that comes with each pair when not in use. Each pair of glasses should be considered as "wearable art"

Can you get Boa Sunglasses wet?
Boa's sunglasses are water-resistant. However, avoid complete submersion in water to avoid the possibility of warping.

Why does the wood look different than the one in the photo?
Because of the nature of wood, no piece will ever have the same grain or color as another. Any photos you see Online act as a reference of style and is not an exact representation of the wood.